BanglaCafe was founded in October 1999. It was just an IRC room at the beginning stage. Some other features such as Free email, MatchMaking, Music, Games etc. were added later on. After one year, BanglaCafe launched its own independent IRC server, which is currently the biggest Bangladeshi owned IRC server on the net! BanglaCafe IRC Network ( is running in Chicago, IL, USA. BanglaCafe was first started by few online friend's dedicated enthusiasm and hard work. Few names that must have to mention here are Lincoln, Fubu, Shonchita Islam, Nimun, Nishi, A.K.M. Islam, Rocket, Russel, MR9, Subid, Prince, Purna, Lovelu, Alvi, Voipai, XAN, Neelakash, KILLA_UK , GouroB. Also hundreds of online friends, without their encouragement and advice nothing would have been possible; our thanks goes to all of them from the bottom of our hearts.









BanglaCafe is currently the one of the biggest Bangla premiere entertainment website on the net! We like to call ourselves a 'community' rather than just a regular website. Our online community is built by thousand of users from thousands of different places all over the world. Unlike other websites, our users know each other, make new friends and communicate with each other LIVE everyday through BanglaCafe! 

We are not just even an online community existing on the net, we have extended our community in the real world too. Not to mention about individual interaction and meeting in real life, we have also arranged few BIG get-together events on behalf of our site

BanglaCafe's first Get-together was in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was organized in December, 2001. More than 350 users joined the event and more than 300 tickets were sold. The show was a huge success. Along with many singers/bands, there were lots of events in the program. The whole show was broadcasted live for the users abroad who couldn't join the program. 

BanglaCafe second Get-Together was organized in UK, June 2002. A day trip was arranged on behalf of BanglaCafe to the UK's most popular theme park - Alton Towers. The trip was exciting and also a major success.

BanglaCafe is organized a third get together on January, 2003 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. This show was another success.

BanglaCafe had the 4th Get Together Party in Dec 31st, 2005 @ EFES-GULSHAN-1, Dhaka. 

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